Web Design, Branding & Marketing Materials. 

Design and Tech Services

Remote online services, located in the bay area California.

Start up businesses and established, add professional design to your marketing materials.

Claire offers design services, website development, social media content creation, decals and video.

I hook businesses up with logos, packaging, decals, websites, eCommerce online shops, presentations, print, social media profile and posting, banners, t-shirts and video. I am a Jill of all trades, so, what can you expect? Expect productive emails, where files are shared, and constructive critique is welcome! Plan on deadlines we set so you can check them off the list! I prefer for you to host your websites, so you always have the ability to interact with people who are reaching out to you. If you are starting out and not sure where to start, let me know! 

If you know what you need, a jpeg turned into vector for example, it can all be completed through email.  Every project is unique! Use the contact form below and lets talk!

Enhance your business venture and set it up for success from the start. The more information you provide the better! If you have files you need to gather, no worries! Let me know to expect them in the near future. 

Services List and Process

Logo design

Your graphic will give an image to your business for the long haul. It is extremely important to show a uniform presentation. By coordinating all of your graphic material, it will create a system that will stand up against the competition. What does all this mean? Have a clear, crisp, awesome iconic logo!

Package design
Decals for signs and vehicles –

Not in the area? I’ve used this trick over the years and it works awesome. You or I take a photo of your vehicle with a standard piece of paper taped to the window on the sides and back. That’s it! I can scale my file so when the mock up is done, all the right sizes are on point!  


Web design

If your website could use some help in the coding, fill out the contact form! I create html sites (this does not include a back end you can log into). I recommend WordPress sites, you can log in and contribute to your content and start a blog that will bring traffic to you. It also has the capability of an online shop through the WooCommerce Plug In.

eCommerce and Fulfillment Online Shops

If you are just starting out selling or you’ve been in business for years? There are many options for your online store, without a monthly cost to you. There are always tools that can be upgraded to a Pro version that gives you more bells and whistles, but you can decide when to take that step. Do you have an online store with print fulfillment? Add your design to many products to sell, or make products with your logo on it for uniforms for your team, office gifts and more.


Keynote or PowerPoint, what is your presentation about? I’ve had very minimal slides sent to me and when I send them back…the clients are stoked! Let me bring your important presentation to life to enhance your presentation. 


Print banners, brochures, business cards, flyers, rack cards, promotional material for your business.  Additional projects may include package design, label design, mugs, pens and promotional products. Start your order today and fill out the contact form below. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to hang and hand out your marketing material to get the word out!

Social Media
Video shorts

Bring your company to life with a video educating your target audience with your services or products. Simply direct me to your website or present your business information. I can create a video that will spark interest, give your business information and offer customers a deal upon request. Share this video to get exposure to spark interests.

Each project is different to quote! Start today by filling out the form on the contact page. If you’d like to look at my portfolio first, click here. 

Web Design Question

Before we can begin…

Do you have your website domain? If not, start your website search for the availability of your preferred website domain today! I recommend ionos.com for domains and hosting.