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Logo development and branding throughout your network. Let’s create an icon that can last the life of your business!

When ordering a logo with Design Decal, the process is painless! We set up a concept meeting during which we discuss your design needs.

A complex logo with many colors, fonts, and decorative elements can be a huge distraction for the viewers. A simple design does not require any explanation from the experts and even common viewers can instantly know the message that logo wants to convey. A strong logo will have few elements, each of which can be identified easily and are integral to what you’re hoping to communicate. If you have elements that don’t contribute to the whole, get rid of them. So, the first and foremost principle is to avoid complexity and keep the logo design as simple as it can be. 

A clever use of colors in your logo can make it look unique.

Colors have this amazing ability of evoking our feelings. Blue is associated with intelligence and friendliness and hence it finds place in social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin. Pink symbolizes tenderness and is used usually with anything that is related to women products such as clothes or shoes. Similarly, yellow is considered as a color of hope and freshness, and green is the color for nature, freshness, and health.






Therefore, we incorporate the colors that can express the feelings that you want to evoke. These very feelings or emotions will be the message that you want to deliver to your target customers through your logo design.

Brainstorming ideas can lead to serendipitous design avenues that will capture the characteristics of your venture. Your business will use the logo on a varied surfaces. These surfaces may be as little as a stamp or a promotional product like a pen. If your details of your logo are not visible clearly when printed on a small space, then redesign the logo.

window cleaner logo to van decals Custom Logo Design


Designer / Client Process

logo-branding design to vehicle decals

Three mock ups are delivered in no more than two weeks time from our design concept meeting. I send over black on white and white on black to start with. Remember that you will be advertising your business in newspapers, magazines, leaflets, etc ads. On such ads, usually, the publishers go for colorless printing of advertisements. In that case, your logo design must hold its impact on the viewers. Your logo appears impressive in colors. But if on newspaper ads, if it is less impressive, we will know during the creation of it.

You can approve and send changes for two rounds; additional time or concepts may require an additional fee. When the design is finalized, file preparation begins to deliver you the file types you need. (.jpg, .png, .psd, PDF and .ai file, to name a few possibilities) With the final payment, the packaged design files are delivered to you.

It would be better to stick to the basic and come out with a timeless logo that your client can use for next one to two decades at least. It doesn’t have to stop there! Design Decal is ready to create marketing materials for you to spread the word about your business or cause.



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