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Strengthen your marketing material with professional design, layouts and execution.

Service Claire Warner Graphic Designer

Services from storefront signs to online presence. You’ve come to a place to increase or start your graphic and advertising material for your company, cause or talent.


Logo Design

Graphic mark, emblem or symbol.

Logo Design Service

Logo design is so important for the life of the business. The first impression that builds your brand and creates a strong foundation for all promotional materials to follow. Get recognized with a creative logo that is eye-catching, yet simplistic. Creating a logo is a process that tells your customers, at first glance, what you do and your character. With an iconic logo and supporting graphics to match, customers will see value in your brand. Present your products or services with style.

Do you have just an idea of your logo? Have you drawn it on a napkin? Whatever stage you are at, present your idea or rough sketch in your consultation. I give 3 mock ups for you to review. Select one with up to two changes and I deliver the final design. I love creating logos in black and white first, then applying the maximum of 3 colors for the final. I will discuss the importance of marketing material production that is easy if done correctly. We avoid gradients to have to print all digitally.

Domain Registration

Secure your domain name.

What’s in a name? I have some pointers on choosing your domain! .com is still the top choice in your extension, still familiar and easy for your customers to remember. Be creative, memorable and keep it short. Ideal length is 5-14 characters. Don’t be afraid to create new words, kleenex wasn’t always a term for tissues, and google is now a replacement for research. A thesaurus is a tool that has stood the test of time. Be sure to choose a domain that is easy to type and pronounce. Spell your domain to see how it sounds, and ask others to spell it too! Stay away from dashes, hyphens…keep it smooth!

If you wish to include a niche keyword, place it in the beginning of your domain for a powerful ranking. Think long term, changing your domain in the future will cost money, branding and seo ranks. If you plan on expanding your niche, don’t commit to that to put you in a corner. If you find yourself stuck, check out these domain generators: Wordoid, Lean Domain Search and DomainHole.

Domain tips- how to choose your domain.

Do a check with Knowem. This will show you availability of your name throughout 25 popular social networks.

Website Design or Re-Design

New sites, site upgrades and coding assistance.

Website Service

Your website is a great tool to deliver information to those in need of your business. Make your site work for you adding booking services, for example. Display FAQ’s to cut call time so you can work on what you do best. Custom coded websites, WordPress, WooCommerce, website redesign, technical assistance or updates are available.



Sell your designs on multiple products.

Sell your products online. Print On Demand options are available. Your design is applied to a variety of products. Fulfillment options available.


Video Starting at $275

Showcase your services in a short video clip.

Bring your company to life with a video educating your target audience with your services or products. Simply direct me to your website or present your business information. I can create a video that will spark interest, give your business information and offer customers a deal upon request. Share this video to get exposure to spark interests.

Social Media

Organize, design and post.

Social Media Page Design

Package options entail account creation and/or organization. Profile and cover photos are created, descriptions and company information on all pages match. Posting packages are priced by the amount of posts designed and scheduled for months ahead. Post like a pro and keep your fans entertained and don’t forget to socialize! 


Sweatshirts, t-shirts, and hats.

Thermo Flex TShirt design service

Order quality custom apparel for your team members and fans. Thermoflex heat-pressed onto quality tshirts, sweatshirts, pants and more.

Decals & Designed Prints

Vehicles, walls, biz cards & more.

Advertise while you drive, put up an eye-popping banner, hand out Business cards, flyers and brochures! Create or find the best shaped package for product boxes, labels and more.


Sell your designs on multiple products.

Sell your products online. Print On Demand options are available. Your design is applied to a variety of products. Fulfillment options available.

Ready for a chat? I am available for video conference calls on google meet, your confirmation email will have a link or click here at the time of your conference call. Or feel free to fill out the contact form. Once your project request is received, you will receive a quote or an email with any additional questions I have for you within three business days.

Quote – It is important that your information is ready for a successful project, we will discuss milestones and deadlines. Clear communication is essential for me to deliver the finest work possible. I look forward to our first meeting and lets see if I am the right designer for the job.