Portfolio Professional Graphic Design 

Digital Portfolio! Welcome, you go get-er!  I know, looking at what other people asked for doesn’t get you far.  Open your imagination to visualize what I may create for your project to shine. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Look good? Contact me!

Logo designs

First impressions count! Logo design is the beginning of consumer brand recognition and a foundation for all promotional materials to follow.


Stickers for Vehicles, banners…wherever you can stick ’em!

Advertise while you drive.Hang an eye-popping banner, hand out Business cards, flyers and brochures! 


Vector Art & Illustrations

Concepts, Digital and Printed Art




New websites or redesign, get your information out and available on the internet.


Package Design

Create or find the best shaped package for product boxes, labels, and more.


Custom Videos

Product, service or educational video.

Get your message across with a quick service video, make an event known, or educate.  Bring your company to life by a video educating your target audience with your services or products. Simply direct me to your website or present your business information. I can create a video that will spark interest, share your business information clearly, and offer customers a deal upon request. Videos can be shared on your site, social networks and be readily available on your YouTube channel.


Social Media Packages

Design Decal will help you with a strong social media presence through facebook, twitter, youtube, google, pinterest, instagram, and any other relevant network. Then, lets plan the future of posts with an editorial calendar for your social media networks. Gain the number of likes and connect more people and companies you’d like to mingle with. Schedule months in advance!


Foamtec Social Package


Preserva Products Social Package


The Old Village Inn Social Package


Television One sheets

Production companies – one sheets are created using visual storytelling on the front and a breakdown on the back, quickly explaining television show concepts.


The Colorful Truth – Illustrated by Claire Warner

Published in 2010, Illustrated by Claire Warner. 

Sing Along to C.C. Warner’s Sunflower Song! Let’s read to, and teach children the great importance of our environment.



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