Install your Decal – DIY Instructions

Apply decal on cars, trucks, windows or walls. Decals last for up to 7 years.

Decal Install

Step One: Start with a clean surface.

Decide where your sticker will be applied. Use glass cleaner or a non-wax cleaner.

Step Two: Align Your Decal

Use masking tape to align. Depending on your surface, use a measuring tape to center your decal. If your design is small and you feel comfortable without measuring, proceed to step 4.

Step Three: Create hangers for stability

With the masking tape, add more tape to the top portion against and past the direction of the alignment tape.

Step Four: Remove the backing

Flip and carefully remove the backing. Watch and make sure that the decal is still on the top adhesive film. If it seems difficult, put the tape back, and go over with a credit card or squeegee.

Step Five: Evenly Apply Decal

There are two ways to apply, wet and dry.
WET: If you think that you may want to have maximum flexibility in case it is off your target, use RapidTac from a sign supply store or google an alternative mix you can make from household products. This method gives you time to push out any bubbles that may have been trapped underneath.
DRY: If you are not concered with the above, you rebel!
While Holding the decal carefully, start from the tape using a squeegie or credit card, and rub down from side to side with a diagonal motion until the enitre decal is applied. Go over as needed.

Step Six: Remove Transfer Tape

Carefully remove the transfer tape, if your surface is not smooth, a slow removal while rolling it off will apply pressure and remove the backing without harming the design.

Step Seven: Clean Up

Bubbles happen. If you don’t mind waiting, they should be gone within two weeks. If you would like to clean up simply use a xacto knife or pin to puncture. Then use card, squeegie or fingers to push the air out. Be careful not to damage paint, and if you can, be aware of parts that will hide the small puncture. This could be where the colors on the decal meet i.e. multicolored designs. Avoid hard pressure so there is no overlapping or stretching.

Enjoy your decal! Avoid washing your vehicle for one week.

Word of caution, do not apply to hot surfaces. I have not had fun learning this lesson by experience.

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