Claire Warner Artist’s Owner and Designer

Claire Warner Graphic DesignerClaire Warner here! Hello everyone!  I apologize in advance if it turns into workaholic narrative,  I’m happy to introduce myself 🙂 I love life in California! My Man, daughter, cat and dog enjoy everyday. We build each other up, each day. I am a 

The Colorful Truth Pillow

Published Illustrator of a children’s book, “The Colorful Truth.” This story expresses the importance of a healthy environment while pointing out the pollution problems we have today. I feel that with great power, comes great responsibility. Projects that I enjoy are for the greater good.

I love to be involved in game changers and projects that help others. I have over twelve years of experience in corporate branding and digital media. With a my AS degree in graphic design and my BS Media Arts is loading…

I’m very straight to the point and don’t find discussing feelings is very productive. I don’t mean this statement to be off-putting, actually the opposite. I’m respectful of time and while working together, constructive critique is welcome, and encouraged to make the end result the best they can be…there I go… work work work! Claire the Second, I was named after my mama. 

My passion is the awesome technological ability we have today, along with art, the unspoken language.  I am optimistic and easy to talk to. Good Vibes is what I am all about. 

Inspirational Mentors and Nifty Tools

Louise Hay made an impact on me (continues to). I read her books, listen and practice affirmations, resulting in a sustained, healthy mind, body and spirit. I highly recommend it to anyone. The silly level you feel saying affirmations…teaches you how much you want them in your life. I am one with my computer.










Brian Tracy taught me to Eat That Frog! The Passion Planner helps keep the tasks aligned and Basecamp Manages my Projects, clients connect, share files, todo lists and it’s great!