Claire Warner Artist

Born in Maine, loving life in California since 2007. I love to be involved in game changers and projects that help. I have over ten years of experience in corporate branding and digital media. From graphic design to website programming I deliver professional work to my clients. Developing graphics for businesses to high-end entertainment companies. With a my AS degree in graphic Design and my BS Media Arts loading.

I feel that with great power, comes great responsibility. Projects that I enjoy are for the greater good. It is important to know the type of designer you are working with. While working together, constructive critique is welcome, making the end result the best they can be.

My passion is the awesome power of art, the unspoken language. I am one with my computer. My views are very open minded, it’s been mentioned that I am easy to talk to. I have bragging rights to close family and the right friends. Good Vibes is what I am all about. I am a single mama with a brilliant and beautiful fifteen year old daughter. She is well on her way to building her career to Broadway. Build each other up, each day.

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